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Goulburn Produce provides a complete and professional agronomy service and our fully qualified Agronomists can help you!

Kathryn Pengilley heads up our agronomy service team and with over 10 years experience in the Goulburn area and surrounds Kathryn has a sound knowledge of the local properties and often details of their history. Kathryn has an Ag Science degree in Agronomy and has completed many different courses and study trips to further her knowledge.

Greg Bramley is a new member to our team, he has his Masters in Ag Science (Agronomy) and happy to help our new and exisiting clientel. If you need any help at all in anything farming, come in and let Kathryn & Greg help you.


Services include:

Farm Visits - An on farm visit is the best way to get the most comprehensive advice, a soil test or simple chat in store will never cover all aspects of a successful recommendation. It is critical to understand not only what weeds are growing and what a soil test shows, but to also get a holistic understanding of the client and the farm, not just the paddock in question.

Soil / Plant Testing and Analysis - One of our experienced staff will come to you and take the soil sample to not only ensure samples are taken correctly and without contamination, but to get a good understanding of the paddock/property being tested. The sample is sent away to a NATA Accredited Laboratory and sample results come back as raw data to be interpreted by Kathryn with her local knowledge and good understanding of the paddock and client needs. Kathryn is Nutrient Advantage Advice and Fertcare accredited at the top level for soil test interpretation.

Weed or pest identification and control - Identification is very important to ensure effective control of pests such as weeds. It is critical not only to use the correct chemicals and rates, but to have a holistic understanding of paddock, and farm to also include cultural control methods such as pasture competition and grazing management and holistic objectives such as client budget constraints.

Seed and Fertiliser Advice - Coupled with the services so far listed along with our long term local knowledge and advice from a wide range of leading seed and fertiliser suppliers, we can offer the best independent advice based solely on the client requirements. We have the ability to offer you sound advice on custom blended pasture mixes and custom blend fertiliser (if required) ensuring a recommendation unique to your situation. You can be rest assured that with the best advice for your needs in your area success is bound to follow.

Complete Farm Plans - On top of all that is listed we are also able to offer advice to our clients  in many other aspects of property management, including (but not limited to) mapping services, pasture/crop feed budgets, animal requirement targets, cost budgets, grazing management plans, crop harvest targets, animal health advice etc.   



Our Agronomist Kathryn Pengilley in a paddock of Tonic Plantain and Ryegrass, with past Agronomist Mitch Small