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Pesticides and Chemicals

Goulburn Produce is Agsafe and Fertcare Accredited and we have qualified staff members to help you find the best pesticide to meet your requirements. We have a qualified agronomist to help you identify pests and diseases in your pasture, crop, trees or garden and form a control program to combat them.

Some of the common pesticide we stock include:


Glyphosate (Roundup) - General non-selective herbicide used for paddock fallowing up or spot spraying

Fluproponate (Taskforce) - Selective herbicide specialised in spraying Serrated Tussock, African Love Grass and Chilean Needle Grass

Triclopyr, Picloram & Aminopyralid (Grazon Extra) - Selective herbicide used for woody weed control and fireweed.  

MCPA (Agritone 750) - A selective herbicide for controlling a range of broadleaf weeds in crops and pastures.

Dicamba (Kamba 500) - An additive to MCPA or Glyphosate to increase control on larger or harder to kill broadleaf weeds such as thistles and sorrel

Chlopyralid (Lontrel, Archer) - An additive to MCPA to increase control on larger or harder to kill broadleaf weeds such as thistles

Pyraflufen- Ethyl (Ecopar) - An additive to MCPA or to increase control of hard to kill broadleaf weeds such as sorrel with little impact on clover.

Simazine 900 DF - For the control of weeds in a range of horticultural and broad acre crops, forestry and in non-crop situations.


For more information and expert advice on the right pesticides for your job contact our Agronomist, Greg on 0427422650