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Bluescope Lysaght is our main supplier of roofing and metal products.

Roofing products we stock include:

  • Zincalume Custom Orb roofing sheets 1.8m - 6.0m
  • Range of Zincalume flashings
  • 115 Low Front  Zincalume Quad Gutter
  • Full range of 115 Zincalume gutter accessories
  • Full range of Colourbond Roof Zips

We also offer:

  • Full range of Bluescope Lysaght Roofing products
  • Custom size ordering
  • Colourbond products
  • Custom Blue Orb curving
  • On site delivery

We can also order Stramit products if you require.

Roofing Accessories

We supply a range of roofing accessories including:

Windmaster Roof Ventilators in range of Colourbond colours and mill finish.

Natural Lighting Skylights, Tubelights and Roof Glazing solutions

Velux Skylights, Roof Windows and Sun Tunnels


Call us or come in and see one the the helpful staff in the Timber Office about your roofing needs.